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About Emmanuel Center

Emmanuel Center is an interfaith partnership between Emmanuel Church and Central Reform Temple of Boston (formerly Boston Jewish Spirit), promoting the intersection of spiritual ideals, artistic creativity, education and community service. The center's home is in historic Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury Street in Boston.

Mission Statement

The Emmanuel Center is a cooperative partnership among Emmanuel Church, Central Reform Temple of Boston, and other partner organizations dedicated to serving the cultural, spiritual, and educational life of greater Boston. The Center seeks to create new programs to celebrate and nurture the human spirit.

The Emmanuel Center provides a shared home for its partner communities in the historic edifice of Emmanuel Church. Each of us is committed to the preservation and renewal of this beautiful building.

Each partner community remains committed to its own distinctive mission, traditions, and identity and to its individual programs. Together, through the Emmanuel Center, we seek to explore creative new ways in which we can share our experiences and build a broader community, particularly through artistic, spiritual, and educational programs that reflect the intersection of our traditions and interests.

We affirm the core values that unite us: respect for the dignity of every human being; engagement in the active pursuit of peace and justice in our society and in the world. We share the conviction that spiritual ideals, artistic creativity, and education elicit human connection and therefore advance our core values.